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About Us
About Us

While ATK BANT has only been in business for 14 years, the firm has 32 years of combined belt and belt experience. It continues to conduct business, initially as a distributor and then as a formal partnership, with BOND-A-BAND / ENGLAND, which has been producing extruded polyurethane belts for approximately 50 years. 

With its product line and business structure, it is the sole manufacturer of extruded polyurethane belts in Turkey. 

Also, it serves as our legal partner Bond-A-PREMIUM Band's DISTRIBUTOR throughout Turkey and the surrounding area. 

The authorised distributor of BGK ENDLOSBAND / GERMANY in Turkey is BGK ENDLOSBAND / GERMANY, a manufacturer of seamless and endless belts used in specialised applications for many years.

ATK BANT began producing coated belts in 2018 and is continuing to increase its production capacity by investing in new coatings and technology. 

The material and product sales and manufacture required in the industry for all polyurethane belts and coated belts are seen as the responsibility of ATK BANT.

ATK BANT helps its clients by providing and selling materials as well as designing the best possible materials. By providing our clients with all relevant technical knowledge, we can guarantee that they utilise the best possible goods and profit from them to the fullest extent possible.

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